24 Hour Locksmith Call: 0121 4011 404
24 Hour Locksmith Call: 0121 4011 404
Local Locksmith Birmingham - Lockman BirminghamLocal Locksmith Birmingham - Lockman Birmingham

Local Locksmith Birmingham – 0121 4011 404

When you need a 24-hour Locksmith Birmingham Service, call Lee

Lee from Lockman Birmingham provides a reliable Locksmith Birmingham service to all residents and business owners within the Birmingham area, offering a 24-hour Locksmith service and emergency Locksmith call-out service with no call out charges. Lee from Lockman Birmingham aims to be with you within 20-60 minutes of your call, no matter how late or early in the day it is, even on public holidays with No Call Out Charge!

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Lee from Lockman Birmingham is a specially trained, skilled and certified locksmith with years of experience in providing Birmingham customers with a reliable 24-hour Locksmith service. Lee has completed more and more complex and technologically advanced security consulting and locksmith work over the years, His reputation has begun to precede us as the best 24 Hour Locksmith has to offer.

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Locksmith Birmingham available all year no matter the time or weather

locksmith birminghamLockman Birmingham provides professional Locksmith Birmingham services to all residents and businesses with the Birmingham area no matter the weather or time. Lockman Birmingham provides a 24-hour locksmith service all year round including holidays with no call out charge.

Are you locked out or need replacement keys quickly in the middle of the night then not a problem, our Locksmith Birmingham service is here to help you gain entry to your home or business no matter the time or weather.

Even if the weather is really bad our Birmingham Locksmiths will be with you in less than an hour and will not charge you any extra and we will always turn up to your property in a timely manner to help you gain entry, yes even if we are in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Locksmith Birmingham Lock Replacement Types

Birmingham lock replacementLockman Birmingham Locksmiths come across a wide variety of locks when providing their locksmith services to residents and business around Birmingham, ranging from old cylinder locks to new digital locks that open using your phone or key swob.

When our Locksmith Birmingham team investigates your locks they will always make sure they fit the right lock for you and where possible the new locks will be anti-snap locks making it harder for criminals to gain entry using a technique called lock-snapping.

Our Locksmith Birmingham service team carry a wide range of locks on their Locksmith van so you can be assured they will be able to help you without having to go and purchase a new lock while you are still waiting to gain entry to your home or business.

Our Locksmith Birmingham Team Are Ready To Help You Gain Entry

Locksmith birmingham Gain EntryOur Locksmith Birmingham team are always kept busy with various types of lock issues, ranging from a simple lock replacement to providing extra security and even fitting alarm systems to help keep your Birmingham property safe and secure.

Our professional Birmingham Locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can guarantee they will be able to gain entry for you and in the majority of cases our Birmingham locksmith team can do this without causing damage to your property as our Birmingham Locksmith team are all professionally trained in providing a reliable Locksmith service.

Our Locksmith Birmingham Team Can Fit New Locks, no matter what

fit new locksOur Locksmith Birmingham team can also install new locks for you on internal and external doors, even if you don’t currently have any locks fitted, using the various tools on there fully stocked Birmingham Locksmith vans they can carry out any lock fittings or lock replacement for you there and then, including UPVC doors, metal doors, security gats and more.

Some Birmingham Locksmith companies can only provide a very basic Birmingham Locksmith service but our professional Locksmith Birmingham team are trained in all types of locks and can fit almost any lock to any door or window proving you with a safe and secure property.

Our Local Locksmith team provides a 24-hour locksmith Birmingham service and can also provide you with a free security audit to ensure your home or business is as secure as possible while we are at your property providing you with a quality Locksmith service.

Our Locksmith Birmingham team are also UPVC door specialists

UPVC doors have always been an easy target for burglars so our locksmith Birmingham team will make sure your UPVC door is secure and our Locksmith will always fit anti-snap locks to your UPVC doors. Our Locksmith Birmingham team carry all the parts needed on there fully equipped locksmith vans to replace your UPVC door locks in Birmingham.

When our Locksmith Birmingham team gives you a quote this will cover everything you need with no hidden charges and all of our Birmingham locksmiths carry card machines so making payment is easy and simple.

Call us today to get a free no obligation quote with no fuss and remember our Locksmith Birmingham team offer a 24-hour Locksmith service to all Birmingham residents so if your having trouble with your UPVC doors or windows then give our Birmingham Locksmith team on 0121 4011 404.

Local Locksmith Birmingham

local locksmith birminghamAre you looking for a local Locksmith in Birmingham? If so then our Locksmiths are here and ready to help. Our Locksmiths understand the frustration when facing a lock crisis in Birmingham, ranging from losing your keys to snapping keys in a door so our local Locksmiths are on hand to help you by providing a 24-hour Locksmith service.

Your local Locksmith is fully trained and aims to be with you in less than an hour no matter the weather or time. Your local Locksmith will keep you updated on there progress and you will be informed when they will arrive so you can be sure that your local locksmith will be with you as soon as possible to help you gain entry.

Domestic Lock Services

Domestic Locksmith services include: Emergency Entry, Lockouts, Lock Changes, Security Assessments, Onsite Key Cutting Lockman Birmingham offers a true 24 hour 7 days a week service.

24 Hour Locksmith Birmingham

Lockman Birmingham is the only Locksmith you need when you are faced with a lock crisis in Birmingham.  Call us now on 0121 4011 404 and we can be with you 20 – 60 minutes, and remember no call out charge

Commercial Lock Services

Commercial Locksmith services Offered include Lockouts, Lock Changes due to key holders left with keys, Pubs Clubs access control through Code Locks, Doctors & Dentists, Bailiffs and Warrant Services, Shutters

Late Night Local Locksmith

We live in an age where keys are more valuable than money and despite advancing technology keys are still a vital part of life. On the other end of every key is a lock and, as we all know, these locks and their keys get lost or get damaged. If you live in Birmingham and the inevitable happens and you need to find an emergency locksmith fast, who do you call? Who do you trust?

Local Birmingham based locksmith

For a local Birmingham based locksmith, the name you need to know is Lockman. Lockman is the leading name in Birmingham for professional local Locksmiths. The trusted name is a true, friendly local locksmith with many years of experience. If a lock fails or a key is lost when you least want it to rest assured Lockman can help you. The 24/7 service with no call out fee makes Lockman the knight in shining armor you can rely on.

Auto locks are a common challenge

Auto locks are a common challenge that Lockman deals with and as one of the best emergency locksmiths in Birmingham, they know how to help you fast. The team is used to getting a call at all hours of the day or night from stranded motorists. Modern cars are challenging when it comes to keys and locks and losing a car key on a night out can become a nightmare. However, in Birmingham, you have a locksmith that can assist you with absolute ease and they are only a phone call away.

Had a break in and you need a locksmith in Birmingham

If you have had a break in and you need a locksmith in Birmingham to come and change your locks, finding the right company can be hard work. Replacing locks is one of the most frustrating parts of being a victim of crime and the friendly service from Lockman is very much welcome. The experienced locksmiths at Lockman take away the frustration and they are available 24/7 across Birmingham. With the trusted expert local locksmith helping you, you can soon have your locks changed and secure. Lockman understands the value of your security and works hard to ensure they deliver the utmost in service.

Locksmiths in Birmingham

As the leading locksmiths in Birmingham Lee and his team understand locks, security, and people better than anyone. A good local locksmith is someone you really should get to know. Even if only for key cutting or for security advice on choosing the right lock for you. A local locksmith is not only there for those emergencies but is there to help and advise you on your day to day security needs.

Local emergency locksmith

Birmingham is a big city and finding a truly local emergency locksmith is something most people don’t see as a priority. However, next time you need a spare key cut, lose a key, damage a lock or get locked out of your car you will soon realise the importance of a good locksmith.

Picture of anti-snap locks

Lockman Birmingham fits Anti-Snap locks as standard for all residents in Birmingham

locksmith Birmingham

Call Lee your Locksmith in Birmingham offering a 24 hour Locksmith service 0121 4011 404

Local Locksmith van you will see around town

Look out for my mobile locksmith van
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Boarding up;

If you have damaged windows and need them to be protected quickly and effectively, boarding-up is for you! Whether your property is commercial or domestic, if your glazing is damaged, boarding-up is the most reliable service when restoring your property back to a safe environment. Boarding-up is a temporary solution to preventing further damage to glass panes and will keep your property safe until you find new glazing. Your local Birmingham locksmith is here for you.

What will Lockman Birmingham do for you if you need our boarding-up services? A well experienced and thoroughly trained team member will firstly arrive at the site. Large wooden panels will be placed over the affected area, whether the glass is still intact or completely gone, the boards will cover the area. Why should you get boarding up? Well, if your property has damaged glazing, this leaves it vulnerable, and the chances of further damage are likely. Additional harm can stem from Britain’s terrible weather, vandalism, or simply wear and tear. Your Birmingham locksmith aims to keep costs low, that is why we recommend boarding-up to prevent the chance of further damage and an increased price from your glaziers.

Your Birmingham locksmith will come to your property at any time, your safety is the priority here at Lockman Birmingham. We will arrive on-site within 20-60 minutes, where possible. Contact your emergency locksmith on 0121 4011 404.

Emergency entry;

If you need to gain entry to your property quickly, due to lost keys or a similar issue, the nations favourite locksmith company will come to your Birmingham commercial or domestic property. The emergency entry also covers vehicles, if you are locked out of your car, Lockman Birmingham will be able to get you back in, in no time.

Your Birmingham locksmith team is licensed and has had extensive training, so no damage should be made to your property. Lockman Birmingham can offer the best service at the best price point. Whether you are in Birmingham city centre or on the outskirts, nobody should lose their keys and be stuck on what to do. Lockman Birmingham are here to ensure that you do not have to worry, an emergency locksmith will be with you in no time, and if needed, replacement keys can be made. In most cases, we can access your premises with ease, while keeping damage at a 0 or at least minimal if it can not be prevented.

Contact Lockman247, and our Birmingham team will be sure to help you. Each customer is well looked after and remains our priority until the job is done to the best standard. We aim to make you feel safe and secure in no time at all. Call us today on 0121 4011 404, and use our emergency services.

Intruder alarm fitting;

Break-ins are happening far too often and continue to increase. Security systems, in particular alarms, are crucial to help prevent any potential intruders. Book your appointment and have one of the best alarm fitments added to your commercial or domestic property by your local locksmith. We care about all aspects of security; our aim is to keep customers safe and happy, and at Lockman Birmingham, that is what we do. You need the best alarm system, a local Birmingham locksmith will arrive at your property discuss the alarm and all of its features and fit it for you also.

An alarm system that you can rely on is the most crucial aspect of feeling safe and secure on your premises. Lockman Birmingham wants to deliver all Birmingham residents the best security for the best price. The products and team members that we provide are the best in the industry, making it the best cost-effective solution for your commercial or domestic property.

We are hoping that after installing, you will not need to use it, and your property is not vandalised, but it is better to be safe than sorry. This is the best option, call your local Birmingham locksmith and have them set up an appointment today on 0121 4011 404.

Keyless entry;

This is the best way to modernise your home, step into the future of technology with our keyless entry locks. This service puts you in charge of your security more than ever before. Keyless entry runs through a low energy Bluetooth app that can be accessed through your mobile. Upon installation, you can control the security of your home with ease.

With keyless entry systems in place, you cannot lose your keys because you have none, to begin with. You can also share and send mobile keys to your friends and family, whoever you want to give access too, so they can get into your Birmingham property with ease. Keyless doors can be installed quickly and vastly improve your security system as there is no lock to pick for burglars either! Your local Birmingham locksmith can install the system in no time and help you set it up and talk through whatever questions you may have. Do not hesitate to ask anything, as it is your lock and your property. The keyless entry also has a built-in tamper alarm, encryption that is bank-level and incorrect pin codes, to reduce the chances of intruders.

Let the best Birmingham locksmith team install our cutting edge system for you, call us on 0121 4011 404 to set up an appointment.

Lock changes;

Locks need to be changed in all types of properties and vehicles. Lockman247 is Birmingham’s best provider of locksmith services and is the number one service we offer. Cutting edge technology and the best locksmiths in the industry can help improve your locks, whether the aim is to become more secure, or you have simply lost your keys, Lockman247 is the team for you. If you are looking for the best service at a cost-effective price, get in touch, and we can sort you out.

Lockman247 can save your locks before they break or mend/replace already broken locks, we aim to restore your area back to a safe environment with no hassle. Our vehicles accommodate to all lock sizes and needs, so do not hesitate to get in touch and save your Birmingham property. If it is an emergency, we can arrive in 20-60 minutes, or an appointment can be made if it is not an emergency. We supply all types of locks, whether you need anti-snap, cam locks, night latches and more, we ensure that we can help you with our local locksmith services. Feel free to contact your local locksmith in Birmingham and restore your locks today, at any time, call us on 0121 4011 404.

Key cutting;

Key cutting is quite a straightforward service, a suitable key for your lock will be cut on-site by a member of our Birmingham locksmith team. This is an additional service that is executed after a lock change or a similar Lockman247 service. Extra keys are made for you if they are required, this is all completed on-site to reduce any potential hassle. We are a cost-effective option for all of your key cutting requirements.

The newly crafted key can be tried and tested by both our locksmith and you to ensure that it is working consistently and is suitable for your commercial or domestic property. This can be done before the final purchase is made, so you are not paying for an already faulty key.

We have a minimum order value if we are not performing another locksmith service for you of £55.00

Take advantage of the best local locksmith providers, and we will help your security become better than ever. Please try to ensure that any additional key cutting services are previously arranged with a member of the Birmingham team to guarantee the best quote is given to you and the best customer service a company can offer. Call us for free on 0121 4011 404.

Replacement car keys;

Auto-locksmiths is an up and coming service within the locksmith industry. We can help you with any locksmith requirements for your vehicle. Lockman 247 has already trained the Birmingham team to ensure we can help any Birmingham customer that comes to us. If you need the best replacement car keys quickly, we are the best provider for you. Your keys may be broken, decoded, or just stuck in the ignition, a local emergency locksmith will be able to help you in no time.

Whether you need a new set just because or your keys have broken, your local locksmith in Birmingham can help you return to normal. Vehicles are an essential element in many peoples’ lives, that is why we aim to give you the best services that can be offered, wherever you are in Birmingham and any time of the day. Our team is operational 24/7 so, we can help you replace your car keys night or day, as you can never tell when they may just break. Damage to your vehicle will always be at zero percent, or minimal when carrying out any locksmith auto service. Contact the Birmingham branch and get in touch with your emergency locksmith on 0121 4011 404.

Security assessments;

Security assessments are when a licensed locksmith from your local Birmingham team assesses the current state of your locks on any commercial or domestic property. This is a service to have completed as it will make you aware of any potential security risks and help you mitigate against any potential lock snapping. A member of Lockman247 will recommend lock improvements, how to take care of your locks, help make informed choices, reduce any potential costs, and, most importantly, increase security.

After having this service done, you will know whether your locks need changing if they do we, can help you with that, and if they do not this, reduces the stress of being locked out. No decisions need to be made, it is a no-pressure situation, we just want you to know how safe and secure your property is. Allowing you to make any necessary plans for the future. Your emergency locksmith will inform you about our services and what is best for you.

Security assessments can be booked in, and we can come at a time fitted in your schedule. However, this is mostly used after a locksmith has completed a service for you. While a locksmith is with you, they can handle any questions that you may have. You are our top priority, and we want to make all customers feel safe. Call us on 0121 4011 404 to book your security assessment.

uPVC specialist;

unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is a durable plastic that is commonly found on domestic and commercial properties. Most uPVC has a lock on it whether, it is for a door or a window we can help you, as we are trained to work with uPVC and still keep damage at zero or to a minimum. Your issue may be; your handle can turn 360 degrees or is stiff; the key will not turn, unable to remove the key, or the door is misaligned or something similar. If you have any lock issues on your uPVC contact, your emergency locksmith, and we can arrive in 20-60 minutes to help sort your problem.

We aim to fix your locks in no time, whether that is cleaning, repairing, or changing. Most of our jobs are executed, surpassing industry standards within an hour, allowing our commercial and domestic customers to continue on with their day, hassle-free.

uPVC is no problem for your local locksmith, and we will help you with whatever you may need. A member of our team can assess the damage and then recommend a service or complete the service that you know you want. uPVC can keep intruders out, so let us keep you safe. We are here for you day or night on 0121 4011 404.


On warrant based visits when gaining access to a commercial or domestic property, the damage will be kept minimal, and there shall be no hassle. Everyone who is involved, from the contractors to the property owner, will be satisfied with the job our Birmingham team will complete. Quick entry is crucial under a warrant, and Lockman247 can do that. We charge on an hourly basis for warrant visits; however, it should not take us long to gain entry.

Lockman 247 works with all licensed contractors to ensure that we are doing legitimate work for our client. Where possible, we try to keep the original keys in use, but if it is needed, we can also change locks to prevent someone from gaining entry when they have no right to be there.

We work with a range of licensed contractors to help make warrant based visits or a similar visit, hassle-free from the entry perspective. Your local Birmingham team can help with this service day or night, whenever it is needed, as they usually require quick action. If you need the nation’s best provider for locksmith services, contact us today, and we can help you with your contract visits on 0121 4011 404.