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By Lee Bennett

Birmingham Locksmith explains why you need Anti Snap locks

Lock Snapping and how to prevent it

Lock Snapping the Problem

Burglars will always exploit inherent weakness with euro cylinders, these are most commonly found on uPVC doors.  The euro cylinder is very weak by design at the centre point.  This is the point where both the cam and the screw fixing hole meet, there is very little metal at this point to give the lock barrel strength.

A burglar will use simple tools to break the handle backplate to expose the end of the cylinder barrel. Using household tools such as mole grips, the cylinder can be clamped, twisted and then broken in one swift simple action.  The burglar inserts a tool into the door and turns the locking points to open the door.  It is simple and fast and is a common attack method that gains entry to your property.

Some cylinders have snap lines towards the end of the cylinder and these are not that effective.  The PVC frame can be opened up to allow tools to clamp the remaining lock, leaving it vulnerable to attack and allowing the burglar to gain entry.

Improve your Resistance to Lock Snapping

Locks that are TS007 3 Star standard also known as ‘anti-snap’ cylinders, are locks that meet the requirements to withstand lock snapping attempts.

Anti-Snap cylinders have a ‘snap-off’ section integrated which will come away if a burglar was to try and snap the lock.  This makes the cylinder shorter, making it more difficult to grasp. With the help of built in grip defenders it makes getting hold of the cylinder even harder. Not only that but anti-snap locks have a hardened bar which will not snap, it will only flex making snapping almost impossible.

Check that your current locks do not over extend, if they appear vulnerable you may want to consider having them replaced.

If you need any help with identifying your euro cylinder or require assistance removing your door cylinder.  Call Lee from Lockman Birmingham today on 0121 4011 404 we provide locksmith services across Birmingham and can be with you in 20 – 60 minutes day or night.


Are you a target for Burglars

By Lee Bennett

How to know if your a Burglary Target

Are you a target for Burglars – Call Lockman Birmingham on 0121 4011 404

Yesterday I took a call as a locksmith in Birmingham area, the customer returned to their property to find screws on the driveway and a nail placed in the keyway of the front door lock.

As you can imagine this was really alarming to the customer.

So with my experience as a locksmith I may ad, my opinion is that the screws placed on the empty driveway were a marker to Burglar identifying that this house/ home was an easy target for a spotter. A spotter is someone who casually walks the neighbour hood looking for target houses.

The reason for this house being a target was because the euro locks on both front and back doors were oversized, sticking out past the handle, this makes it easy for the Burglar to snap the lock and gain access within 30 seconds and be in your home.

To find out more about lock-snapping click on this link Lock-snapping you tube video.

Now the lady in question was unaware that her home was an easy target for Burglars so I showed her by snapping her lock and it took only 18 seconds to get into her home. So yesterday I fitted Snap Safe British Standard euro profile locks to he home making sure that the correct size of lock was used and that the locks fitted flush with the handles.

When we walked up her street she could see that she was the only house to have oversized sticking out.

The second part of this was about a nail in the keyway of the lock. This is a technique to stop someone being able to open the door once the nail is removed it is possible to re use the lock with your key to open the door. However when you approach your own door if you cannot get your key in your door it is alarming and you may go else where as you cannot get into your home. This is would give the Burglar more time to attend and remove you valuable goods.


Be safe if you get home to find screws on your driveway and broken nails in your lock keyway call Lockman Birmingham straight away 0n 0121 4011 404

Triangle Shaped Road Signs with Question Marks Inside

By Lee Bennett

Locksmith Questions

Locksmith Questions – Lockman Birmingham


Need to ask a locksmith some locksmith questions but do not know what he will ask you? Well, below I have listed some questions that I ask when on a phone call.

The main Locksmith questions are….

What type of door is it wooden, UPVC, Composite or Metal

So you will know if it is wooden, UPVC is the plastic type either white or brown coated plastic. Composite is a little different because it is made up of different materials the outside of the door may be metal, with a wooden inner with a fibre inner core. and you will know if your door is Metal- Aluminium

The second question is what type of lock?

Business Website: www.lockmanbirmingham.co.uk
Euro Profile Lock

If it is a UPVC or Composite you will normally have a Euro Lock in place support a Multi Locking Points Mechanism. these locks look like the one on the left-hand side, really important to fit the correct size as this is a method that Burglars target to gain entry over sizes euro profile locks. Should always be fitted flush with the handle. They come in many different sizes, good locksmiths will carry all sizes.

Rim Cylinder

On a wooden door, you may see a lock from the outside that looks like the one below this is a Rim Cylinder lock with the traditional Night Latch on the back of the door. You may also see as an addition or instead of a Mortice Lock the one below is called a Sash Lock which is a deadlock with a latch located above it, you can usually tell because these keys a longer Rim Cylinder listed to the right.

Mortice Sash Lock

The next question would be the problem your having, you are either:

Locked out as you have lost keys
Locked out because the door has locked behind you with keys inside the property
Locked out because the lock has failed and you have keys
Can not lock the door because the lock has failed or the door is misaligned
You wish to upgrade your locks to insurance approved locks
You wish to change the locks for security reasons.

Given good concise answers to these three questions would enable any reasonable locksmith to give you an accurate quotation on the work required.

If anyone cant then ring Business Name: Lockman Birmingham on Phone Number: 0121 401 1404
Street Address: Aston Hall Road City: Aston, Birmingham State: West Midlands Business Hours: 24 Hours

Off License Testimonial for Shutter Locks Replaced

By Lee Bennett

Video testimonial – damaged shutter locks, replaced

Damaged shutter locks

Lockman Birmingham was called out to a shop in Birmingham who had Video testimonial – damaged shutter locks and needed them replaced so he could open up

Lockman Birmingham opens shop on time after damage to shutter locks.

link to Lockman Birmingham customer testimonial on YouTube – https://youtu.be/VfJJ0z7Nc6o?list=PLHF8JomWULGlafL8WTXP6WyjqUqdhKvKM

Take a look at our locksmith blog for more reviews and news updates: Locksmith blog


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lockman birmingham locksmith anti snap locks
Birmingham Locksmith explains why you need Anti Snap locks
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