24 Hour Locksmith Call: 0121 4011 404
24 Hour Locksmith Call: 0121 4011 404
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By Lee Bennett

Why Locksmiths and Their Services Can be crucial for you

Locksmiths as well as their solutions are important in maintaining a secure home. 24 hour services from locksmiths are crucial for any car or home owner. Thanks to locksmiths who are professionals that you can be assured of an environment that is safe at home. If locks break or you are faced with an emergency lockout, you can call the locksmith for assistance. Because of the locksmith services available that you do not have to fret about repairing broken locks on your own. Contacting a professional locksmith Birmingham  is an ideal option instead of spending time panicking and trying to handle the situation.

Diversification from Locksmith Services:

We are equipped with a complete expertise in lock repairs, however locksmith services are needed. Locksmiths typically offer customer-oriented solutions. They can solve many problems related to locks. They offer solutions:

  • Keys cutting.
  • Fabricating ignition keys.
  • Picking locks.
  • Key replacement lost.
  • Key duplication.
  • New key manufacturing.
  • Opening of lockers, trunks, and lockers, etc.

The wide variety of options can be a great alternative to DIY-oriented situation.

Services for Customer-Specific Lock-Unlock:

Some commercial establishments have the most secure locks. Some even prefer installing these locks at home to protect themselves. The main reason for installing these locks is the sensitivity to security. Professional locksmiths are able to provide such locks and even install them according to the type of security needed. They offer a customized service because it is their responsibility to comprehend the security needs of each customer. Commercial establishments require specialized services to ensure any outsider invasion, employee’s entry and exit, customer entry and exit. These services are particularly demanded by jewelry stores, banks and other shops. Therefore, a locksmith can set up an effective modern lock system that is controlled by intercoms as well as closed circuit television cameras for surveillance. They are able to assist you in installing the most sophisticated locks for your home as well.

Minimized Geographical Barriers

Car key damage is the most frequent occurrence and can happen in remote locations , too. Imagine you’re in a remote area and as you’re trying to open the door of your vehicle or turn on the ignition system, the key of your car break. You might be worried that you’ll be inside your vehicle without assistance arriving. However, you’re wrong. Locksmiths can help quickly in these circumstances. It is possible to think of how to seek help, but all you have to do is call an expert locksmith emergency for such situations. They will not only cut the car key, but repair it, restore the lock system on your vehicle, and also provide you with an exact copy of your new keys. With many locksmiths immediate emergency assistance, you don’t have to be concerned about geographic restrictions or the odd times.

How a Locksmith can be useful during the holidays:

While on a vacation with your family, there are many things that could happen to you. For instance, the locking system in your car may fail, or keys could become lost. With kids having fun, trying to track the keys to your vehicle can be an overwhelming problem. Do not panic. Anywhere you go you’ll be able to find plenty of locksmiths from the local area waiting to assist you and bring all your worries to rest to ensure that even if your keys are damaged or missing, you are able to enjoy your trip without worry.

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By Lee Bennett

Hire A Professional Locksmith To Get Reliable Assistance Anytime!

Locksmiths in Birmingham certainly are a saviour during emergencies that occur as a result of misplacement of locks and keys. Nobody knows when such situations arise; hence, it’s important to be proactive and prepare yourself to cope with them in advance. Several factors need to be considered before entrusting the home’s security in the hands of an outsider.

Read on some crucial factors to create the best hiring decision.


A skilled person is capable to tackle the issues more smartly and even fix the random problems that may arise during the course of fixing the major one. You ought to leave no stone unturned to hire a proficient locksmith to help you further strengthen your home’s security system.


It’s vital to be sure that the firm has a proven background of delivering superior services. Before finally building a call to any locksmith, you should perform a thorough background check; especially read the reviews on the firm’s official website.

Right Equipment & Approach:

Fortunately, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Hence, the locksmiths must be laden up with the most recent tools and equipment to provide enhanced and high-quality services to the people in need.

An urgent situation lands without the prior notice. This is exactly why you need to have the contact of an Emergency Locksmith in Birmingham saved in your phonebook. There is a constant know at what time you may want the services of a locksmith.

You will find multiple situations whenever we could encounter the necessity for a locksmith, such as:

● locked from the property

● became a prey of burglary

● Lost or forget keys somewhere

● Need security  upgradation services

lockman birmingham locksmith van

By Majid

Here’s Why ‘Lockman Birmingham’ Has Become THE Name For Emergency And Planned Locksmith Services In Birmingham

If you live in and around Birmingham, chances are you’ve heard of Lockman Birmingham. If you haven’t, they are the name you should remember when you find yourself locked out or in need of a professional, punctual, and quality locksmith service.

Providing services across a vast array of Birmingham, they’ve built up a reputation as the best in the business. Whether you’re in an emergency and require a 24/7 locksmith or you have a complex security system that needs a trained eye to disarm and secure it, Lockman Birmingham can tackle jobs and requests of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s why Lockman Birmingham has become THE name for emergency and planned locksmith services in Birmingham:

  1. Available to you within 20-60 minutes, anytime day or night, with no call-out fee

When you find yourself in a difficult situation and locked out, knowing who to call can create some panic. Many locksmiths in Birmingham will charge call out fees, have to travel a long distance to reach you, or simply be unavailable due to the time of the day, causing more distress. You won’t find any of those issues with Lockman Birmingham as they offer a mobile locksmith that is available any hour of the day. Importantly, they understand that this can be a time of worry, and they minimise this by getting you back into your property quickly and efficiently.

  1. The best in the business with years of experience and a proven track record of dealing with even the most complex jobs

Lee from Lockman Birmingham is a specially trained, skilled and certified locksmith with years of experience serving the local community of Birmingham. As locks and security systems get ever-more complex and technologically advanced, so does Lee. No job is too much to handle and asking Lee to assist you with your lock request will be a decision well made. His reputation has begun to precede Lockman Birmingham as the best 24-hour locksmith Birmingham has to offer!

  1. A service list to suit all needs and requirements

Lockman Birmingham know the industry. Whether you’re an individual property or a business, small or large, they’ll be able to operate their 24/7 locksmith service.

Some of their services include:

  • Locked out
    • Lost your keys or unable to gain entry to your home? Don’t fret, Lockman Birmingham can be with you in no time at all.
  • Upgrade locks
    • Too many people have keys to your home, or looking for a safer, more secure option? Lockman Birmingham can recommend the best locks to suit your budget and fit them to the highest professional standard.
  • AntiSnap locks
    • Snapping a lock is an easy way for a burglar to gain entry to your home. Make their job harder by fitting AntiSnap locks.
  • All types of properties, establishments and businesses serviced:
    • From rental homes to pubs, clubs, doctors, dentists and more, if it has a lock on it, it’s likely that Lockman Birmingham have experience with it.
  1. 5* reviews from many happy customers

Many of the reviews for Lockman Birmingham reference ‘professionalism’, ‘punctuality’, ‘quality’ and ‘value’. Take a look at what previous customers have said, particularly those who needed a locksmith in an emergency, and you’ll quickly see why Lockman Birmingham have become the trusted locksmith service in the local area.

Find yourself in need of a locksmith? Look no further.

Day or night, Lockman Birmingham can be hand. Simply visit the website or call them direct and you’ll see why they’ve become the name for locksmith services in Birmingham.

More information

Lockman Birmingham provide lock services across Birmingham, servicing commercial properties and residential homes for business owners and residents of Birmingham. If you are facing a lock emergency or lock challenge, visit their website today to learn more https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk/ or contact them directly on 0121 4011 404.

Source: https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk/heres-why-lockman-birmingham-has-become-the-name-for-emergency-and-planned-locksmith-services-in-birmingham/

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By admin

9 suggestions for finding a great local Locksmith professional

Tips to look out for a reliable local Locksmith professional

Are you looking for a great Locksmith professional? If so, you are not alone. Every year, countless individuals find themselves looking for a locksmith professional. Finding a great locksmith professional is necessary, as a bad locksmith professional may leave you in a bind when you require them most. Without more ado, here are 9 suggestions for finding a great locksmith Birmingham professional.

1. Try to find 24 Hour Locksmith Service

This is among the most crucial of the 9 ideas to finding a great locksmith professional. Your locksmith professional ought to always use 24 Hour Locksmith service. You never know when you may require the services of a locksmith professional. ?

2. Ask Friends For Locksmith Recommendations

In searching for an excellent locksmith professional, it can be a smart idea to ask your friends and family for a suggestion. Making use of a local locksmith professional is quite typical, and it’s a sure thing that you may have a friend or 2 who can suggest an excellent locksmith professional.

3. Research Your Local Locksmith

Research is extremely important in these pointers to finding an excellent local Locksmith professional. When taking a look at a specific locksmith professional, always ensure to research their company. This can be done through the Bbb, and by paying very close attention to online customer evaluations.

4. Focus On Locksmith Professional Security Practices

In finding an excellent locksmith professional, it is necessary to keep a close eye on how the locksmith professional acts and runs. A locksmith professional that fasts to appear and open a door must be prevented. A relied on locksmith professional needs to first ask for your recognition, and also ask for some sort of evidence that you own the vehicle or home in question.

5. Try to find local Locksmith Professionals That Deal Numerous Services

In finding a great locksmith professional, it deserves looking online forum locksmith professional that uses different lock services such as auto locksmith and domestic. You never know what you may require a locksmith professional for. You do not want to have to re-read these 9 suggestions to finding a great locksmith professional for finding different auto and home locksmith professionals?

6. Trust Your Impulse

In finding a great locksmith professional, it’s often best to simply trust your impulse. If the locksmith professional appears dubious, prevent them at all expenses. You should not take any dangers with somebody that has a hand in your security.

7. Make Keep In Mind Of The Cost

When a locksmith professional uses a quote, make note of it. Some locksmith professionals may try to later charge a different rate. If this happens, advise them of their quote, and prevent them at all expenses!

8. Compare Rates

If you have an interest in a specific locksmith professional, compare their costs to that of their rivals. While it makes good sense to find the most affordable cost, a locksmith near me that uses a cost that appears too excellent to be true is most likely simply that and they may not have your benefits in mind.

9. Use The Web To Find Services

If you are not able to find an excellent locksmith professional, make certain to use the web to find Locksmith professionals in your area. You’ll find more locksmith professionals noted online than in your local telephone directory!

If you are facing a lock emergency contact us today, call now on 0121 401 1404

For more information, feel free to check out https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk.

For further assistance and inquiries, call 0121 4011 404

Media Contact
Company Name: LockMan Birmingham
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0121 4011 404
Address: Aston Hall Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B6 6JD
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk

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How to choose the best local Locksmith

How to choose the best local locksmith professional for your house or business

Selecting the best local locksmith professional to finish a locksmithing job might be hard. Locksmithing is one job that needs correct care, knowledge and best execution to finish it effectively. Getting the service of a local locksmith professional is challenging because not all locksmith professionals are skilled in their field. They will supply some info to you, so you will have a concept of how skilled they are in their field.

Qualities of a Great Locksmith professional

If you are looking for a specialist locksmith near me to assist you with your lock and key issue for your residence or business, performing some research on their background is just useful. You would not wish to get the service of a locksmith professional who cannot supply the very best service, who are old made and does not have enough knowledge about the most recent methods in Locksmithing. In selecting an excellent locksmith professional, the first thing that you will examine is their education and experience in handling lock and key scenarios that may develop while performing their job.

By participating in online research, you will find a long list of locksmith Birmingham professionals in your area. Keep in mind that settling with the first lock specialist that you will experience is not always a great idea.

Like losing your home key or locking your keys in your car, an emergency situation locksmith professional can assist you out on this. They can quickly open your car or make a replacement for your home keys quicker, however, they may request for a greater cost. This is the reason it is best that you find one before these scenarios occur. Look for the one that supplies much better service at an affordable rate. Keep their telephone number in your contact list is the most convenient method getting the service of the ideal Birmingham locksmith professional in case of emergency situation.

The Services a Great Locksmith professional can Supply

Whether you have locked yourself from your car or you require new keys to fit your office or home lock, knowing the locksmith professional’s ability level can assist you in identifying the quality of work they can offer. Hiring a locksmith professional for Keyless Entry without inspecting their experience and background may lead to a frustrating circumstance in case the locks stop working. Getting the service of an unidentified locksmith professional may lead to catastrophe. If the job is performed effectively and you are happy with the outcome, then it is ideal to pay them properly. If the locksmith professional was unable to do the job appropriately, it will cause a larger issue and may put your business or home security at risk.
If you need to hire a locksmith professional, you need to focus on a couple of things. Hire a locksmith professional will numerous years of experience. Select the one that can offer 24-hour locksmith service. Hire LockMan Birmingham who provides the best lock and key services and you can develop a great working relationship with them.

lockman birmingham locksmith anti snap locks

By Lee Bennett

Birmingham Locksmith explains why you need Anti Snap locks

Lock Snapping and how to prevent it

Lock Snapping the Problem

Burglars will always exploit inherent weakness with euro cylinders, these are most commonly found on uPVC doors.  The euro cylinder is very weak by design at the centre point.  This is the point where both the cam and the screw fixing hole meet, there is very little metal at this point to give the lock barrel strength.

A burglar will use simple tools to break the handle backplate to expose the end of the cylinder barrel. Using household tools such as mole grips, the cylinder can be clamped, twisted and then broken in one swift simple action.  The burglar inserts a tool into the door and turns the locking points to open the door.  It is simple and fast and is a common attack method that gains entry to your property.

Some cylinders have snap lines towards the end of the cylinder and these are not that effective.  The PVC frame can be opened up to allow tools to clamp the remaining lock, leaving it vulnerable to attack and allowing the burglar to gain entry.

Improve your Resistance to Lock Snapping

Locks that are TS007 3 Star standard also known as ‘anti-snap’ cylinders, are locks that meet the requirements to withstand lock snapping attempts.

Anti-Snap cylinders have a ‘snap-off’ section integrated which will come away if a burglar was to try and snap the lock.  This makes the cylinder shorter, making it more difficult to grasp. With the help of built in grip defenders it makes getting hold of the cylinder even harder. Not only that but anti-snap locks have a hardened bar which will not snap, it will only flex making snapping almost impossible.

Check that your current locks do not over extend, if they appear vulnerable you may want to consider having them replaced.

If you need any help with identifying your euro cylinder or require assistance removing your door cylinder.  Call Lee from Lockman Birmingham today on 0121 4011 404 we provide locksmith services across Birmingham and can be with you in 20 – 60 minutes day or night.


Are you a target for Burglars

By Lee Bennett

How to know if your a Burglary Target

Are you a target for Burglars – Call Lockman Birmingham on 0121 4011 404

Yesterday I took a call as a locksmith in Birmingham area, the customer returned to their property to find screws on the driveway and a nail placed in the keyway of the front door lock.

As you can imagine this was really alarming to the customer.

So with my experience as a locksmith I may ad, my opinion is that the screws placed on the empty driveway were a marker to Burglar identifying that this house/ home was an easy target for a spotter. A spotter is someone who casually walks the neighbour hood looking for target houses.

The reason for this house being a target was because the euro locks on both front and back doors were oversized, sticking out past the handle, this makes it easy for the Burglar to snap the lock and gain access within 30 seconds and be in your home.

To find out more about lock-snapping click on this link Lock-snapping you tube video.

Now the lady in question was unaware that her home was an easy target for Burglars so I showed her by snapping her lock and it took only 18 seconds to get into her home. So yesterday I fitted Snap Safe British Standard euro profile locks to he home making sure that the correct size of lock was used and that the locks fitted flush with the handles.

When we walked up her street she could see that she was the only house to have oversized sticking out.

The second part of this was about a nail in the keyway of the lock. This is a technique to stop someone being able to open the door once the nail is removed it is possible to re use the lock with your key to open the door. However when you approach your own door if you cannot get your key in your door it is alarming and you may go else where as you cannot get into your home. This is would give the Burglar more time to attend and remove you valuable goods.


Be safe if you get home to find screws on your driveway and broken nails in your lock keyway call Lockman Birmingham straight away 0n 0121 4011 404

Triangle Shaped Road Signs with Question Marks Inside

By Lee Bennett

Locksmith Questions

Locksmith Questions – Lockman Birmingham


Need to ask a locksmith some locksmith questions but do not know what he will ask you? Well, below I have listed some questions that I ask when on a phone call.

The main Locksmith questions are….

What type of door is it wooden, UPVC, Composite or Metal

So you will know if it is wooden, UPVC is the plastic type either white or brown coated plastic. Composite is a little different because it is made up of different materials the outside of the door may be metal, with a wooden inner with a fibre inner core. and you will know if your door is Metal- Aluminium

The second question is what type of lock?

Business Website: www.lockmanbirmingham.co.uk
Euro Profile Lock

If it is a UPVC or Composite you will normally have a Euro Lock in place support a Multi Locking Points Mechanism. these locks look like the one on the left-hand side, really important to fit the correct size as this is a method that Burglars target to gain entry over sizes euro profile locks. Should always be fitted flush with the handle. They come in many different sizes, good locksmiths will carry all sizes.

Rim Cylinder

On a wooden door, you may see a lock from the outside that looks like the one below this is a Rim Cylinder lock with the traditional Night Latch on the back of the door. You may also see as an addition or instead of a Mortice Lock the one below is called a Sash Lock which is a deadlock with a latch located above it, you can usually tell because these keys a longer Rim Cylinder listed to the right.

Mortice Sash Lock

The next question would be the problem your having, you are either:

Locked out as you have lost keys
Locked out because the door has locked behind you with keys inside the property
Locked out because the lock has failed and you have keys
Can not lock the door because the lock has failed or the door is misaligned
You wish to upgrade your locks to insurance approved locks
You wish to change the locks for security reasons.

Given good concise answers to these three questions would enable any reasonable locksmith to give you an accurate quotation on the work required.

If anyone cant then ring Business Name: Lockman Birmingham on Phone Number: 0121 401 1404
Street Address: Aston Hall Road City: Aston, Birmingham State: West Midlands Business Hours: 24 Hours

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Why Locksmiths and Their Services Can be crucial for you
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Hire A Professional Locksmith To Get Reliable Assistance Anytime!
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Are you a target for Burglars
How to know if your a Burglary Target
Triangle Shaped Road Signs with Question Marks Inside
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