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24 Hour Locksmith Call: 0121 4011 404
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By Lee Bennett

Are you looking to hire a reliable locksmith? Follow these steps

If you have any problems with your locks, you should seek the services of a reliable locksmith. It could be maintenance of locks, the installation of alarms or another service it is essential to hire the services of a locksmith. There are many locksmiths in Birmingham and offer solutions for locking out.

It is however recommended to be cautious when choosing the locksmith you want in Birmingham. Check out the following paragraphs to find out some suggestions for selecting a reliable locksmith.

Guidelines to follow to select the best locksmith

Step 1: Be specific about what you want to accomplish

You may require the assistance from a locksmith for various reasons. The most common reasons include repairs to your lock, upgrading the key and key duplicate, CCTV installation, high-security commercial lock installation and many more. You do not know what services you’ll require at any time. So, you must be aware of your requirements prior to calling an locksmith.

Step 2- Get a List of Reputed Local Locksmiths

In this phase, you need to create a list of trustworthy locksmiths. You can find them via online search or through the recommendations of others. After you have gotten to know about a few experts, choose the most popular service providers in your area.

Step 3- Call a Few Of Them

Then, make a phone call to one or two service providers and inquire about their service areas. Don’t forget to ask their qualifications, experience and licensing. Always seek out a reputable service provider. In the course of your conversation you can request a cost estimate.

Step 4- Arrange An Interview Session

Choose two or three locksmiths you feel are reliable. You can contact them for an interview. In the interview, you will learn the details about him and make sure that you receive a good quality of service.

All of these steps can assist you choose a reputable locksmith. Therefore, you should be prepared when an emergency happens Note down the contact numbers of a few locksmiths. You can then call him in the event of an time of an emergency. Are you looking to learn about a reputable locksmith service? Look over the following lines to find a locksmith.

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By Lee Bennett

Considering Competent and Affordable Locksmith Services

The maintenance of locks is among the main concerns that arise with any kind of residential and commercial property. Companies that manufacture locks and security systems providers are aware that they have to deal with the matter of safeguarding valuable objects with their products. Because of this, many of the well-known firms charge a huge amount of money for locksmith services in the event of any issue in the locking systems. As a result of this various locksmith services have are now operating in this particular niche and offer cheap professional locksmith solutions for commercial use. However, prior to acquiring low-cost locksmith services, it’s always recommended to verify the reputation of the firm. Are they trustworthy, will there be a warranty for their services, how clean is the work done and more.

Features of Genuine Locksmith Services

A few of the most important and necessary features required provided by the locksmith business are as follows:

  • It is required to register by the relevant local authority
  • It must have at least several years of work knowledge in the field to ensure that people can trust them with confidence.
  • They need to have properly trained and certified staff that are able to efficiently deal the diverse needs of the client without causing any unnecessary damage or replacing.
  • All their services must be swift in nature since there are times when people require immediate assistance with regard to their lock problems like key replacement and locks changing conditions.
  • They ought to be proficient at resolving problems without causing harm to the expensive shutters and doors of commercial buildings
  • They must have received an effective training program to work with complicated locking systems.
  • Their services should be affordable
  • Each of the procedures that they employ are to be performed using sophisticated equipment
  • It is essential to have a impeccable service record

Types of Services Rendered By Any Proficient Locksmith Services

There are many kinds of services that can be offered by any locksmith service provider. The most frequent problems are:

Keys lost: When individuals forget their keys in a remote area or lose their keys unknowingly and are afraid of strangers having access their home, is a major factor. Therefore, they turn to locksmiths for help in replacing the entire lock system. When they simply want keys made, for they can have different people at home, they can get the keys completed.

Changes to Lock Systems There are many times when people alter the locking system on the commercial premises they own. It is usually due to a variety of reasons. For one, if someone recently relocated their commercial property, and also to ensure privacy and security or privacy, they don’t wish to risk the danger of keeping the keys to their new home it is recommended that they consider changing locks.


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By Majid

Here’s Why ‘Lockman Birmingham’ Has Become THE Name For Emergency And Planned Locksmith Services In Birmingham

If you live in and around Birmingham, chances are you’ve heard of Lockman Birmingham. If you haven’t, they are the name you should remember when you find yourself locked out or in need of a professional, punctual, and quality locksmith service.

Providing services across a vast array of Birmingham, they’ve built up a reputation as the best in the business. Whether you’re in an emergency and require a 24/7 locksmith or you have a complex security system that needs a trained eye to disarm and secure it, Lockman Birmingham can tackle jobs and requests of all shapes and sizes.

Here’s why Lockman Birmingham has become THE name for emergency and planned locksmith services in Birmingham:

  1. Available to you within 20-60 minutes, anytime day or night, with no call-out fee

When you find yourself in a difficult situation and locked out, knowing who to call can create some panic. Many locksmiths in Birmingham will charge call out fees, have to travel a long distance to reach you, or simply be unavailable due to the time of the day, causing more distress. You won’t find any of those issues with Lockman Birmingham as they offer a mobile locksmith that is available any hour of the day. Importantly, they understand that this can be a time of worry, and they minimise this by getting you back into your property quickly and efficiently.

  1. The best in the business with years of experience and a proven track record of dealing with even the most complex jobs

Lee from Lockman Birmingham is a specially trained, skilled and certified locksmith with years of experience serving the local community of Birmingham. As locks and security systems get ever-more complex and technologically advanced, so does Lee. No job is too much to handle and asking Lee to assist you with your lock request will be a decision well made. His reputation has begun to precede Lockman Birmingham as the best 24-hour locksmith Birmingham has to offer!

  1. A service list to suit all needs and requirements

Lockman Birmingham know the industry. Whether you’re an individual property or a business, small or large, they’ll be able to operate their 24/7 locksmith service.

Some of their services include:

  • Locked out
    • Lost your keys or unable to gain entry to your home? Don’t fret, Lockman Birmingham can be with you in no time at all.
  • Upgrade locks
    • Too many people have keys to your home, or looking for a safer, more secure option? Lockman Birmingham can recommend the best locks to suit your budget and fit them to the highest professional standard.
  • AntiSnap locks
    • Snapping a lock is an easy way for a burglar to gain entry to your home. Make their job harder by fitting AntiSnap locks.
  • All types of properties, establishments and businesses serviced:
    • From rental homes to pubs, clubs, doctors, dentists and more, if it has a lock on it, it’s likely that Lockman Birmingham have experience with it.
  1. 5* reviews from many happy customers

Many of the reviews for Lockman Birmingham reference ‘professionalism’, ‘punctuality’, ‘quality’ and ‘value’. Take a look at what previous customers have said, particularly those who needed a locksmith in an emergency, and you’ll quickly see why Lockman Birmingham have become the trusted locksmith service in the local area.

Find yourself in need of a locksmith? Look no further.

Day or night, Lockman Birmingham can be hand. Simply visit the website or call them direct and you’ll see why they’ve become the name for locksmith services in Birmingham.

More information

Lockman Birmingham provide lock services across Birmingham, servicing commercial properties and residential homes for business owners and residents of Birmingham. If you are facing a lock emergency or lock challenge, visit their website today to learn more https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk/ or contact them directly on 0121 4011 404.

Source: https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk/heres-why-lockman-birmingham-has-become-the-name-for-emergency-and-planned-locksmith-services-in-birmingham/

Landscape Image of the Lockman Birmingham Van

By admin

Lockman Birmingham Now Available to Customers for 24 Hours a Day Offering Premier Locksmith Services 24-7, 365

Lockman Birmingham now available 24-hours a day

Lockman Birmingham is thrilled to announce that their premier locksmith service in Birmingham is now offer a 24 Hour locksmith service covering Bbirmingham, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Lockman Birmingham emergency call out service continues to aim to be within 20 to 60 minutes of customer’s call, no matter what time of the day is and even on a public holiday.  Even better, there are no call-out charges with Lockman Birmingham so customers have no need to worry about extra charges.

Since Lockman Birmingham is now available 24/7, they are confident that they can deliver their services to a wide broad of clients in need of locksmith services on critical time. No matter how early or late in the day a customer calls, Lockman Birmingham can provide their team of skilled, trained and certified locksmiths to deal with whatever advanced security or locksmith work a client has for them.  With a reputation to be the best 24-hour locksmith service available, they promise to uphold.

Lockman Birmingham provides quality standard locksmith services to a wide range of locations including Birmingham City Centre, Bartley Green, Edgaston, Hall Green, Kings Heath, Ladywood, Oldbury, Perry Barr, Quinton, Selly Oak, Yardley, Shirley, Tyburn, Washwood Heath and more. As a local locksmith, Lockman Birmingham is able to better deliver the right locksmith service on time and that is ideal for emergencies.

24 Hour locksmith

Lockman Birmingham specifically points out being a local 24 Hour locksmith service and not a call centre to indicate that whenever a customer calls them, they can specifically speak to a lock engineer who can answer all their questions. With that, Lockman Birmingham’s customers can be confident that their messages will not be passed over and a credible lock engineer available for work is there to help them.

In addition to 24/7 availability, Lockman Birmingham’s 24 Hour locksmith mobile team ensures that a skilled locksmith can be with the client within 20 to 60 minutes after their call, anytime of the day, even during the night. As a call-out service, clients often expect a call-out fee but not with Lockman Birmingham. There do not charge a fee for call-out and there is no VAT to pay, either.

Mobile Locksmith – 24 Hour Locksmith

Lockman Mobile arrives to the location with fully equipped vehicle carrying plenty of locks, lock mechanisms and lock barrels, all in stock and ready to be fitted. With that, customers can have a trusted local locksmith service to help whenever they are facing lock emergencies. When customers are locked out or are experiencing lock fail, Lockman Birmingham provides their 24 Hour locksmith service to help secure client’s properties right away.

Besides helping clients who have lost their keys, locked out of their home or unable to get inside their home, Lockman Birmingham also provide lock upgrade, fit security locks and fit anti-snap locks.  Available 24/7, 365 days a year, Lockman Birmingham can be within 20 to 60 minutes to the client location ready to serve them with expert local locksmith service by a certified lock engineer.

For more information, please visit https://lockmanbirmingham.co.uk/blog/. For inquiries, please call 0121 4011 404 or email [email protected].


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Off License Testimonial for Shutter Locks Replaced

By Lee Bennett

Video testimonial – damaged shutter locks, replaced

Damaged shutter locks

Lockman Birmingham was called out to a shop in Birmingham who had Video testimonial – damaged shutter locks and needed them replaced so he could open up

Lockman Birmingham opens shop on time after damage to shutter locks.

link to Lockman Birmingham customer testimonial on YouTube – https://youtu.be/VfJJ0z7Nc6o?list=PLHF8JomWULGlafL8WTXP6WyjqUqdhKvKM

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Knobset handles
Are you looking to hire a reliable locksmith? Follow these steps
four picturess of locksmith Services
Considering Competent and Affordable Locksmith Services
lockman birmingham locksmith van
Here’s Why ‘Lockman Birmingham’ Has Become THE Name For Emergency And Planned Locksmith Services In Birmingham
Landscape Image of the Lockman Birmingham Van
Lockman Birmingham Now Available to Customers for 24 Hours a Day Offering Premier Locksmith Services 24-7, 365
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Video testimonial – damaged shutter locks, replaced
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