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Are you a target for Burglars

    by Lee Bennett

    Are you a target for Burglars – Call Lockman Birmingham on 0121 4011 404

    Yesterday I took a call as a locksmith in Birmingham area, the customer returned to their property to find screws on the driveway and a nail placed in the keyway of the front door lock.

    As you can imagine this was really alarming to the customer.

    So with my experience as a locksmith I may ad, my opinion is that the screws placed on the empty driveway were a marker to Burglar identifying that this house/ home was an easy target for a spotter. A spotter is someone who casually walks the neighbour hood looking for target houses.

    The reason for this house being a target was because the euro locks on both front and back doors were oversized, sticking out past the handle, this makes it easy for the Burglar to snap the lock and gain access within 30 seconds and be in your home.

    To find out more about lock-snapping click on this link Lock-snapping you tube video.

    Now the lady in question was unaware that her home was an easy target for Burglars so I showed her by snapping her lock and it took only 18 seconds to get into her home. So yesterday I fitted Snap Safe British Standard euro profile locks to he home making sure that the correct size of lock was used and that the locks fitted flush with the handles.

    When we walked up her street she could see that she was the only house to have oversized sticking out.

    The second part of this was about a nail in the keyway of the lock. This is a technique to stop someone being able to open the door once the nail is removed it is possible to re use the lock with your key to open the door. However when you approach your own door if you cannot get your key in your door it is alarming and you may go else where as you cannot get into your home. This is would give the Burglar more time to attend and remove you valuable goods.


    Be safe if you get home to find screws on your driveway and broken nails in your lock keyway call Lockman Birmingham straight away 0n 0121 4011 404

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    Are you a target for Burglars
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